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Feb 13, 2019

Bob sits down with Former Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott. As a third generation native of Lee County, he has seen the area grow along with its needs. Together they talk about the early days of his career and why he decided to pursue law enforcment. Bob speaks of the many issues facing police officers today. From society challenging police officers to the media who scrutinize their every decision, he talks about a world that is much different than when he was young. How big of an effect did Ferguson have in all of this? Are body cams the answer? How do we keep our kids safe in schools? All of these questions and more on today's episode of The Rommel Report.

1:00 -  Mike shares his background growing up

3:09 -  Bob talks about a funny story before joining the Academy in New York

7:44 -  Who is the vocal minority that we see that takes to the streets?

13:22 - Schools have become a point of high peril and risk

34:04 - Should teachers be armed?